Why Is Coal A Big Threat To Water? – Part 1: Causes

One of our planet’s scarcest natural resources - safe, affordable and accessible water - is under threat from the coal industry.

South Asia’s Water Crisis: A Problem of Scarcity Amid Abundance

Mandani Devasher Surie talks about access to water data and its importance in resolving trans-boundary water issues.

Equipment Needed for Oil Spill Recovery in Sundarbans

Yesterday, on December 9, 2014, we witnessed a major environmental incident in the Sundarbans. An anchored vessel carrying 350,000+ liters of furnace oil, capsized after being struck by another vessel. The capsize caused almost all of the oil to be spilt into the Sundarbans waterway. There is concern that theRead More

Solving Water Transport Problems Using Mobile Technology

This past weekend, I got the opportunity to attend the launching day of National Mobile Application Hackathon 2014. I didn’t have too much prior information about the event until one of the organisers, Muhaimin Khan (from BizCafe) told me to drop by. So much so, I had even missed theRead More

Why does the energy sector need water?

New infographic released by thirsty energy initiative explains the percentage of water consumption, water withdrawal and energy consumption all will increase by 2035.     Source: http://www.worldbank.org/en/news/feature/2014/08/29/infographic-why-does-the-energy-sector-need-water

Water Activism Diaries, Chapter 2, Part 1: No More Polluting Sitalakshya!

I started publishing some excerpts from my diaries regarding river activism. Going back through the pages brings great memories back to me. Chapter 1 (in two parts) talked about River Khawai, a place where I was born. You can read them here: Link: Chapter 1, Part 1 / Chapter 1, Part 2 InRead More