A Billboard That Saves Water!

This could be (or not) a step towards a revolution!

Knee Deep – A Story By Abir Abdullah

“Even when their houses get inundated with water, they would continue living in it.” Those are the words of Abir Abdullah, a professional photojournalist who alongside Latitude Longitude 6 (LL6) just launched a new photo exhibition titled “Knee Deep”. It will carry on till July 14, 2015. The photographer talksRead More

Water Meetup Dhaka – June 2015

Like-minded young individuals gather in Dhaka to discuss water issues.

Giving Water and Oceans A Celebrity Voice

Penelope Cruz, who is water says, "I am water. To humans, I am simply just there."

Bangladesh Stockholm Junior Water Prize on May 22, 2015

The Stockholm Junior Water Prize (SJWP) is the most prestigious youth prize for a water-related science project at the high school and college level.

Why Is Coal A Big Threat To Water? – Part 2: Taking Action

Such critical is the junction between energy and water, it is important that we figure out a way to balance the two poles, otherwise we will inadvertently leave behind a trail of destruction.