The Curious Case of the Dripping Tap

A lot of us who live in urban areas such as Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet etc, have grown accustomed to the easy availability of drinking water. Some areas do experience trouble, but it is nonetheless much easier. Our lives are made easier with great water management hardware and supply accessories. SoRead More

The Myth of the Three Rivers

More than often, certain myths leave us amazed. The story of three rivers is just that. The notion is an ancient one, constructed by the people of the Indian Sub-continent centuries ago, and still nurtured by the fishermen and agrarian societies in the region. According to the myths, there areRead More

Water Is For Everyone

It brings a lot of questions to the mind when we ask ourselves, do we really feel ownership over water? When we truly feel ownership over something, we tend to show care towards it. If it is a garden, we sow seeds, water the soil, nurture the seedlings and beRead More

Starting A Discussion On Water

Welcome to! We are really happy to launch the site today and hoping to become a engaging forum for water related discussions. is a blog dedicated towards encouraging an informed discussion regarding water related issues in Bangladesh. It is an initiative supported by PNL Holdings Ltd, a companyRead More