Drinking Water by Dhaka Metropolitan Police

Few weeks ago, Dhaka was going through a wave of severe heat, almost intolerable actually. Just when you think there’s no hope, you come across this. A thoughtful initiative by Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) outside their headquarters at Mintoo Road. This is particularly useful because for quite a distance aroundRead More

Is Water Important To You?

If your answer to the question is, YES, then please help us spread the awareness and issues surrounding the future of water in Bangladesh. We cordially invite you to join us in a panel discussion on Saturday, March 15, 2014. A group of young citizens representing the non-governmental organisations, academiaRead More

World Wetlands Day: Water Management in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is blessed with numerous rivers, streams, lakes, haors, baors, beels, fish ponds, and estuarine systems with extensive mangrove swamps. All these water bodies are collectively known as wetlands. Internationally, World Wetlands Day is celebrated each year on 2nd February. On this very day in the year of 1971, ConventionRead More

A Thank You to WREForum.org

On behalf of AmaderPani.org, we want to thanks WREForum.org, an initiative of BUET Water Resource and Engineering Department students and lecturers. For the past 3 years it has been a consistent source of water related information in Bangladesh, particularly for the internet population. When we were conceptualizing the idea ofRead More

The Death of a River

I believe that everything lives and breathes, one of the upsides or downsides of being a mystic. And as such, a river is no exception, a bearer of life, progenitor of civilizations. It is sad, when something as majestic, as beautiful, as mighty, as bountiful as a river is dead.Read More

World Water Day 2014 – Energy & Water in Bangladesh

2014 has been declared as the year we talk about the very important relationship between Energy & Water. These are two of the most significant aspects of our lives, yet most hard to manage/procure and they are also very closely related to each other. The relationship is simple. Energy isRead More